Welcome to Session 1 of the Intervention Course

In this course we are going to walk you through the steps that you need to take to plan and deliver a successful Intervention to your drinker.  The following video is the start of that process.

In the video it is suggested that it takes time and effort to plan and prepare to deliver an Intervention.  For that reason you need to make space so that you have the time and space to do that.  If you are already a member of Bottled Up you will have access to the program in the member’s section which shows you how to create some of that space.  If you are not a member you can join for free here.  You need to be logged in to the member’s section for these links to work.

The first way you can create space is by completing the first workbook called Stop.  You can find Stop here.

The second way to clear space is by eliminating the 4Ps from your life.  They are ineffective and  take up too much time and emotional space in your head.  You can find the 4P’s workbook here.

It was also strongly suggested that, if you have not done already, you should find someone or more than one person to open up to.  There is a workbook in the member’s section that might help.  You can find the Breaking the Silence workbook here.

You may also find it useful to watch the video on Gaslighting.  Go to the Gaslighting video

Finally, for this week, you should know your rights.  There is a page on the website written by a family law solicitor.  Please be aware, she practices in England, the legal position in your country may be different.  You can find her advice here.

What is your question?

As part of this course, you are invited to send us questions about things that worry or confuse you.  It is my intention to answer them in a separate video the following week.  So please send us your queries.

Using the form below, send us your questions regarding planning and delivering an Intervention.  Please try and keep on topic and try and keep it fairly general so that more people could benefit from the answer.

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Intervention Week 3

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