Welcome to the second Principle.  In this audio we discuss the 4Ps and how they are counter-productive.

The 4Ps are important as they increase your level of frustration and helplessness.  You keep trying these behaviours, increasing their level, but still the desired result does not happen!

We have discussed this issue a number of times, so if you have read about them before please bear with us.  We feel that they are one of the most important and fruitful changes you can make.

Please take the time to read the materials, listen to the audios, watch the videos and do the exercises in the workbooks.  You will benefit from the effort!


The audio for this session

The 4P’s

Workbook for this session.

Workbook for the 4P’s


We also produced a series of videos on this topic.

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How do I Stop my Partner from Drinking - Punishing