Welcome to the Bottled Up program.  This is the first session in a series of 12 .  They were originally organised to be completed every two weeks (which is why they were labelled as Month 1 Session 1, Month 1 Session 2 etc).  However, you can, of course, go through the sessions at your own pace

Each session will consist of Core Materials – a workbook and an audio file as well as any recommended material that we feel might be useful at this time.  Please start by listening to the introductory audio that explains a bit about the program and the delivery.

You can listen to the audios directly on this page by clicking on the player below, or you can use the direct link or you can right click on the direct link and save it to listen to later.  Many people like to download the audios and listen to them on their smartphone or audio player.  That way they can listen as they go for a walk, while they are in the gym, in the car or wherever you want to listen.  Just right click on the links below the audio and save as an mp3 file.

Below is the first audio that introduces us and the program.  Hope you find it useful.

Program Introduction


This is the first audio in the series.

Prog Month 1.1

This is the first workbook of the program.  This one is called STOP.  These work books are very important as they contain the exercises needed to make a change in your circumstances.  For that reason we will be repeatedly suggesting that you complete the exercises.

You can access the workbook by clicking on the link below.

Workbook 1 – Stop


There are various materials on the website that are extremely useful to the new program.  This column will contain our recommendations for any that we think are particularly appropriate for the current mailing.

Safety is an issue that is very important and it is one area where we do not compromise and we think you shouldn’t either.