This Intervention is unique to Bottled Up.  We created it in response to our members.  They/you come here to look for information, strategies or tools to change their circumstances.  In most cases they believe that the only way is to put some kind of pressure on their drinker to stop drinking.

Certainly that maybe one way.  For another view have a look at the blog post “The best way to help an alcoholic“.

If you are new to this website we strongly urge you to work through, at least some of,  The Program  before tackling the Intervention.  That way you will be in a better place, psychologically and emotionally, to introduce the intervention to your drinker.

Start by watching the video which tells you how to use the Intervention.

When you and your drinker have completed the Intervention and discussed the results you should be ready to move on to The Intervention: What now?  This page contains a number of videos with John talking about his drinking and motivation to change.

Finally, at the bottom of that page you will find a code to give your drinker 3 months free membership of Bottled Up for Drinkers.