In this section of the website you can find the Bottled Up program.   You can dip in and out of it and select what you want, however we would strongly suggest that you work through the program in the order that it is laid out.  Each session is designed to build on the previous session, so there is a natural order to the program.

Also, although you may feel that the early audios and workbooks are not as relevant as the later ones, this is definitely not the case.  In Bottled Up we designed the program to empower you in a situation where you almost certainly feel powerless (be honest, why else would you be here).  The beginning of the program is designed to do just that – empower you.

Before trying to change the drinker, Bottled Up suggests that you take some time out to take stock.  Stop doing things that make the situation, and your frustration, worse and start doing things that are more productive.   We encourage you to detach and build a support network, so that you are caring for yourself and your family.

If you do that the discussions with your drinker can be more effective; for you will have more knowledge, confidence and leverage.  We will show you new tools LOVE and SHARE that will help you look at your drinker and  your situation in a quite different way.

This is not a passive program.  We will provide the tools and show you what to do.   As you complete the workbooks and make the suggested changes you will find yourself empowered.

We cannot guarantee that your drinker will stop drinking.  We can guarantee that your life will change – for the better!

Start empowering yourself now!