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      Angela RamsdenAngela Brown

      I have just watched today’s webinar. It is so good to hear Lou’s policing activities – so many are exactly the same as I have done. I have sat very quietly and waited till I heard the opening of the bottle and then very quickly gone into the room just to try and catch him out. I always felt very pleased with myself when I was successful in catching him with bottle in hand! It was like a game which, in reality, I always lost as he just found somewhere else to hide the bottles. Fortunately, thanks to Lou and John’s vídeos I have stopped my searching although some days I just feel very weary of it all and tired of the effort of trying to be positive.

      I would like to say thank you to Ben – you were very brave! So much of what you said also applies to my life with my drinking husband. I laughed when you said how easy it is to detach when your partner is asleep on the sofa – so true!!

      Thank you once again John and Lou for all the very informative videos and for starting this community. It can be so lonely living with a drinker and to hear from others who also understand the difficulties is very helpful.

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