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      Cora McKennaCora McKenna

      Hi everyone,I’m so sorry that I’ve missed the last two Webinars but I’ve looked back at them and thank you Lou and John for your valued shared knowledge and caring approach.
      Things were not good here over Christmas, though the New Year was definitely an improvement. My partner’s brother has been a huge source of understanding, compassion and balanced support for me. He suffered from Cystic Fibrosis and had a tough life with two lung transplants and a kidney transplant. He got Covid on Christmas day and ended up in ICU not long afterwards. My partner hit the alcohol hard after the first week of January and things were pretty much unbearable. So much so that I asked him not to come home on Friday 13th after work but to stay in a hotel and take a long look at himself. He rang me at 17:35 to say he had crashed his car and would I collect him adding “the good news is I’m not drunk”. I asked two of his sons to collect him. He was completely over the limit, arrested and will be charged for drunk driving. So now he’s got consequences!
      Unfortunately his brother deteriorated that day and passed away the following Tuesday. On Monday my partner entered a 28 day residential program called Aisieri. Tomorrow I go down to tell him what its been like living with his drinking behaviour. I’m exhausted, shattered, grieving for my wonderful brother in law and living in hope that my partner will start his recovery and never look back.
      I’m hoping to be at the Webinar this Thursday.

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      Elizabeth DLillyB

      Hi Cora,

      Thank you for sharing. I too have missed the webinars, as I tend to be at work on a Thursday, but I hope to be at next Thursdays.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, I can’t begin to imagine the amount of stress you must be under at the moment.

      Sending you a huge hug and maybe I’ll see you next week x

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