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Cora McKennaCora McKenna

Hi Angela, thank you for your kind words. I really found today’s Webinar very relevant and thought provoking. Such a pity I could just not access the camera on my laptop. I was so frustrated but I had to give up trying as I couldn’t concentrate on the discussion.
I’m happy to hear that you get out and do things for yourself. It took me a while to give myself this necessary push. My friends have been such a good support too.
So yes we are 10 days out of rehab and Marks doing all he can to maintain his sobriety. I have a friend whom I’ve never met but she whatsapp’s me every day with some wise words, links to podcasts and Youtube inspirational speakers. She worked for over 30 years counselling families of addicts and my sister asked her to contact me. She lives in another part of the country but I’m hoping to meet up with her soon as she’s been so honest and direct with me.
We took ourselves away for a few days before Mark goes back to work. It’s nice feeling normal again Angela. I want to pinch myself to make sure what I’m feeling is real!

So it’s one small day at a time and live in each precious moment for us. I truly hope that your dear sweet husband will start to share more precious moments with you Angela.

All the very best,