The World Health Organisation acknowledges that alcohol abuse is a worldwide problem responsible for around 3 million deaths a year.  Many believe that governments are not doing enough to combat the issues.  Indeed, a recent survey (Institute of Alcohol Studies, 2018) has shown that 92% of councils who responded were actually cutting the budgets for treatment.

As you have probably discovered, help and support for families of heavy drinkers is already difficult to find due to underfunding.  Indeed, one national organisation­ disclosed that the budget allocation for families (if it exists at all) tends to be around 1% of the treatment budget!

We created Bottled Up to help fill that gap.  Inside Bottled Up you will find:-

Information and resources to help the families of drinkers.

For drinkers looking for help, you will find information and tools with a proven track record.

For service providers you will find a cost effective way of meeting the needs of your clients


 Are you looking for:-

Reliable information to decide if s/he is an alcoholic

Information to help you understand why your drinker behaves like that?

Guidance about how you can help your drinker?

Advice on how you can help yourself and your family?

Access to help and support 24/7

Complete confidentiality


Are you looking for:-

A dependable assessment tool for alcohol problems

A self-help approach that does not require you say “I’m … and I’m an alcoholic.”

A place that provides options, not just abstinence

Help that can be accessed when you need it

Service Providers

Are you looking for:-

A cost effective way to support families of drinkers

An online solution to waiting lists

Support for hard to reach and rural populations