Now that you have completed the Intervention and discussed the impact of drinking you will be wondering “OK, so now what happens?”
Start by watching the video below that introduces another resource that can help you to assess and address your drinking
Please note: 24/7 Help Yourself was the original name of Bottled Up for Drinkers.  So any references to 24/7 HYS are redirected to Bottled Up for Drinkers (BUD).


To find out if Bottled Up for Drinkers would be helpful to you start by completing the assessment.  It is completely confidential and only takes a couple of minutes.  You will be given a score and instant feedback on that score.  Try it out by clicking on this link Would BUD help you? 

Some Videos You Might Find Useful

Here are some videos that I made, talking about my drinking.  Have a look at them, you may find yourself identifying with some of the thoughts, feelings, behaviours or style of drinking. 

This video is called Why Did I Drink.  What did alcohol do for me, basically it made me feel real, it made me feel that I belonged, that I had a personality, that I was liked, loved even.


In this video I discuss my Motivation to Change.  What caused me to stop drinking.

This is my apology to everyone I hurt.

Do you need information, help and/or support – Go to Bottled Up for Drinkers