Welcome to Principle 3.  In this audio we discuss making a life for yourself.

When you live with an alcoholic your time gets eaten up looking out for or worrying about the drinker.  Hobbies and pursuits that were once an enjoyable part of your life can disappear because of the lack of time to devote to them.

The same can also be said for friends.  A once vibrant circle of friends can shrink to one or two (or even no) faithful friends that continue to be there.

In this mailing we want you to start to reverse that trend and start making a life for you!


Here is a video that everyone should watch.  Its called

Be Kind to Yourself

Also here is a series of audios that you may find very useful.  They were on sale as a package but we provide them free for members.

Link to page with 10 audios to change life