This week we introduce the Reasons for Drinking tool.  This is another very important tool and begins to match up the resources for recovery on the website to your particular needs.

Program Week 3

As in week two, you should be repeating some of the tasks from week one. In particular you should be carrying out the Areas of Concern assessment again, repeating the Drinking Diary and the Drinking Thoughts Tool. This will give you a new entry in each of the graphs and further building a picture of the extent of your progress. You should also export the previous week’s entries for all of these tools into the blog. As before you should make comments on all of these assessments.

You should be continuing to read and post in the forum, and generally be an active member of the 24/7 Help Yourself community. You will continue to receive messages with motivational statements and meditations on a daily basis and occasional messages with suggestions of exercises and activities.

You should of course continue to use some of the resources and read the articles on the site. Also you should be continuing any off-line recovery exercises that you have started. As you get a deeper insight into your drinking, your behavior behavior and ultimately yourself, you may feel more inclined to discuss your drinking and your recovery with your family and friends. This can be a very good thing. However, be careful not to over-promise or put too much pressure on yourself too soon. It may be better to continue to confide in your blog, at least until you’re a bit clearer about what you really think and believe.  Remember this is a time when emotions, yours and significant others’, can be raw.  So be gentle with others and yourself and not expect too much too soon.

Sharing with a friend
Looking at the risks

Reasons for Drinking Tool
Your main task of this week is to use the Reasons for Drinking Tool. The reasons for drinking tool consists off 24 questions about situations where you may drink heavily. Completing this tool gives you two important pieces of information.

Firstly it will show you your drinking profile, that is the type of drinker that you are. It will show you whether you drink in positive or negative circumstances.

Second it will show you the likelihood of you drinking in certain types of situations. The tool will also recommend a number of links within the site that are appropriate for your style of drinking. There are videos that will tell you how to use the Reasons for Drinking Tool and also show you how to interpret the results. This is another very important tool and begins to match up the resources for recovery on the website to your particular needs. Again you should take your time and complete this in a thorough manner.  It will provide you with an insight into, not just your drinking, but you as a person.