24/7 Help Yourself supports a number of goals.  Most websites and therapists will only support abstinence, but in here we support reduced drinking and controlled drinking as well as abstinence.


Very few people who have, or suspect that they have, a problem with alcohol want to give up drinking completely.  If they did, then we would not need therapists or websites like this.

We believe that the people who come to this website are mature and rational, capable of making their own decisions.  True, when there is addiction that can be difficult.  So, although we support all three goals, we also suggest that you should take some time away from drinking before making your decision about what goal to pursue.

Also, keep monitoring whether you are being successful in your selected goal.  It is very easy, especially with controlled drinking or reduced drinking, to slip back into old habits without realising.  Which is one of the reasons why we strongly suggest carrying out the assessments, such as the drinking diary and drinking thoughts on a weekly basis.