Welcome to Bottled Up for Drinkers

This page is the beginning of your journey to changing your drinking behaviour. 


If this is your first time here you should start by reading – Using this Website which will give you tips on how to get the best out of the website.

Remember that this is an interactive website.  Just reading the information alone will not be nearly as effective as using the tools and following the Four week program that walks you through the various steps for change and the tools that you should use at each stage.   All information that you enter in the website is completely confidential.  When you complete assessments or enter data into the change tools, this is all private.  No one can see this data unless you decide to show them.

Also remember to post in your Blog.  This is a personal Blog and therefore, like all personal information, is completely private.  However, the Blog is a very powerful change tool.  It provides you with a number of benefits that are important in change.  First it gives an outlet for your thoughts and feelings.  You might say – I don’t need to write them down, I know exactly what I think and feel, why would I want/need to write them in a Blog.  There are two reasons.  One few of us are actually that clear about what we think and the one thing that most of us are good at changing is our mind.  So when we write down our thoughts and feelings it provides a permanence and clarity.  This is one area that this website acts like a therapist.  You would get very little benefit from a therapy session if you sat in silence thinking your own thoughts.  If you are like most people, you would probably blame the therapist for not knowing the issues.  The Blog acts like a good therapist who holds a mirror up to ourselves, showing us our issues and also our strengths.  The therapist is only as good as the information we give them.

The second benefit is, as well as the clarity, it can be a way of removing some of the anxiety that comes with change.  When we bring our thoughts and feelings into the light it it removes their power and allows us to put things into perspective.

Finally, its allows us to chart our progress as we can look back over the various entries and see how we are now compared to a week, month etc ago.  So use the Blog.

The Forum is also a great tool that can allow you an outlet for your feelings as well as finding out how others are coping with a similar journey.

Please Read

In Bottled Up we are trying to create a caring and sharing community.  This means that you will receive emails telling you about new posts, articles and videos that have been posted in the website or blog.  You may think that some of these are not relevant to you or your situation.   Please bear with us, as one of the ways of understanding our behaviour and its impact on the world around us is to see it from the point of view of others.  This is especially true in problem drinking.  In Bottled Up we try to inform drinkers and their families about how the other party view the situation.  A great many people have reported that they have found this to be one of the most helpful, and unique, features of Bottled Up.  For that reason we will continue this policy..

If you are really not interested in receiving any further emails informing you of our latest posts or any other news or information, you can unsubscribe from the emails.  Just login to the membership area and click on your profile.  From there you can control your email settings.