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Julie JohnstoneJulie Johnstone

Hi, I’ve just joined yesterday. I realised that my husband had been drinking secretly around 10 years ago. When he seemed odd or moody he would make an excuse. It didn’t occur to me that he was drunk. It was a relief to read in Ben’s intro that he feels silly for not realising. I feel soooo stupid.

He was self employed 2 years ago he lost his conteact.It really escalated then and he tried in vain to get work.
He currently has a delivery job and cleans at a school.
He is unable to stay sober for more than a day or 2. He lies about the drinking. My son’s relationship, or non- relationship really, has been badly affected. He is 15 now and will message me when he gets in from school if ‘dad is being odd’. Neither of us know what the situation will be like when we get home. Home is no longer a comfortable place and I have lost all trust in my husband.