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Christie BiggersChristie Biggers

Hi all! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found this site. My name is Christie and I’m a 43 year old wife, mom, accountant, nerd, and plant parent from the Charlotte, NC area of USA. Alcoholism has been a part of my life since the very beginning! Both of my parents are alcoholics/drug addicts. My mother abandoned us pretty early on and my father still battles his alcoholism… I grew up in and out of foster care as my father was in and out of treatment facilities and 28-day rehabilitation programs. Eventually, things got so bad the state declared my father unfit for parenting so I was passed around until I finally set out on my own at 16. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the man I fell in love with and married almost 9 years ago is also an alcoholic. Just as my father was always my favorite human in the entire world… yet, also the one who damaged me beyond belief – I am in a marriage that is constructed almost identically. I was quite literally born and raised to be an alcoholic’s wife – I am a fixer and a secret-keeper because I was raised to be, so it’s made alcoholism all that much easier for my husband.

Anyway, I’m here to accomplish two tasks… I want to work on my own personal healing. The systemic trauma of growing up the way I did has made me a superior survivor but pretty terrible at living. And I also want to give my marriage every effort that I can to work.

Truly humbled and honored to meet each and every one of you.