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Lou LewisLou Lewis

Onwards and upwards indeed!!!!!
Lou here Debbie. Am so glad you found my words helpful and encouraging. I presume you are referring to the monthly messages I wrote for the Website. You are welcome to listen to the over again. There is only a months worth of readings but accessible to repeat.
(There is also a LOT of stuff in our sister website Beautyforashes.co ( note. No m!) Lots of short audios on lots of faith/trust/ mental health etc topics.This is where we talk more openly about spirituality. (We find a spiritual life very helpful but did not want to put up possible barriers to people joining B.U. as some people are very antagonist)
People have said that they find them very insightful and useful.
I find that soaking in stuff repeatedly is a VERY powerful way of getting stuff deeply into my soul and spirit. What I soak in today I hope I ll be living out in my tomorrows!!!!!
Much love.