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Kathy KaiserKathy Kaiser

I’m Kathy, I’m 71 years old, my son is the alcoholic, he lives with us since his divorce. He has one 5 year old son, who comes to stay with us at weekends.
He drinks vodka, and only seems to be able to last 7-10 days without a drink. When not drinking he is lovely,kind and thoughtful and I miss him so much.
When drinking he’s miserable, argumentative and stroppy.he’s been to rehab twice, one was just under two weeks the second was 28 days he came home in a good place but didn’t last long.
He’s had 3 seizures and we are all terrified of him having another, which is one of his excuse for drinking..
I feel very lonely, we seem to spend our days, since lockdown, not daring to go out and leave him on his own.
He’s lost all interest in anything, not even getting help, he used to enjoy running, and was good at it, but hasn’t been going since rehab.. he’s lost interest in his job, which is worrying as without work he’s no money of his own..
That’s me, not a happy story or in a happy place.