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Joanna GeorgeJoanna George

Hi, my name’s Joanna. I was in a relationship with a drinker until 2014 and am still a good friend now. Although I could no longer go out with him due a change in me spiritually, and his aggressive behaviour when drunk; I did want to continue to support him. He had a car crash, brain injury when he was younger and seizures as a result, so the alcohol makes things worse. It’s been a hard journey for both of us and at times I have wanted a break, or to give up as he has never sought help for his drinking and can become aggressive with it. I decided to join Bottled Up to see if it will help me, and help me to help him. I’m keen to study the SHARE and LOVE ways and to hear others people’s experiences/advice and to find out how I can put my own boundaries in place. Looking forward to the video sessions/mentoring.