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Angela RamsdenAngela Brown

Hi. I’m Angela and I live in the UK. My husband is the drinker and drinks at home 24/7. We are both retired and I have friends that I see often and activities that I do to keep myself busy. My husband is not aggressive but sleeps a lot and when awake he does nothing but play on his iPad (usually doing jigsaw puzzles all day). He has no interest in anything, even in activities he used to enjoy like cutting the grass. His life seems to revolve around his drinking. My main difficulties are setting boundaries and knowing how to react (or not) when I know he’s been drinking. Should I carry on chatting to him or just take myself off to another room? If I did the latter I would be spending very little time with him! When he’s been drinking a lot I do take myself off but in the mornings, when he has not drunk so much, we tend to chat or do things together – but am I enabling him by ignoring his drinking in the morning?