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Jill LauJill Lau

Hi everyone, this is Jill. I’m originally from Hong Kong where I met my British husband and now we both work and live in Bangkok, Thailand.

To me drinking is not an issue but my husband started to go out drinking until the next day 5am, 6am, 7am and even mid-day. Always saying he was just out drinking and forgot where he was or whom he is with. The frequency and amount of his drinking also progress to a whole bottle of whiskey, 5 days a week. Every time I bring up anything related to “drinking/ alcohol” he becomes very defensive. I tried many different ways to live with a problem drinker but none of which seems to work. He once agreed to see John for 121 but then changed his mind as he doesn’t believe “talking” to a stranger will help him or our relationship.

With us both living away from our friends and families, we do not have much social life or friends… I just want us to be happy again like we were before.