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Cora McKennaCora McKenna

Hi, I’M Cora. I’m a 60 yr old nurse who gave up work 4 years ago to care for my Mum as she was in the early stages of Alzheimers. She went into a nursing home earlier this year. I was married for 26 years and have 2 sons and a daughter. I left my husband 10 years ago and now live with my partner. He’s the kindest, wonderful, most generous man who is adored by all my family and friends.He has three grown up sons from his first marriage. From the start I could see that he liked his wine but drinking was not an issue. He’s a highly successful CEO of a large company and he works very hard.We’re avid hill walkers and go hiking all over the world.
His drinking became a problem during the first year of Lock Down when I noticed that he was drinking during the day. I immediately called him out and we’re in the Alcohol dance ever since. He does AA, counselling, mentoring, takes Anti Buse but still he drinks! And He’s moved on to spirits. He works and drinks and he drives and drinks. I have a very good supportive network of friends whom I am completely honest with. This weekend his sons will be told the whole sorry story. I love him and only want to see him regain his sense of fun and joy in lives simple pleasures.