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Low Dependence.

In the morning after a heavy drinking session you may experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. You may find that you feel shaky and that your hands shake a little. You may also feel a little anxious. If you are experiencing these symptoms it is adviseable to contact your doctor prior to stopping drinking.

Although you are not showing the signs of full blown dependence yet, you probably recognise that you have a problem with your drinking. Drink is beginning to become more important in your life. You are doing things - and not doing things -that make life difficult and you wish it was different. Probably you feel guilty. Probably you feel ashamed. You almost certainly want to do something about it. But you may not know what you can do.

You might have tried cutting down in the past. May even have quit for a while, days maybe even weeks. But you kept slipping back. You feel you need help.

Going to discuss this with your doctor may not be something that appeals to you. Sitting in a meeting of AA and saying "My name is ..... and I'm an alcoholic" may not be where you feel you want to be.


If you are married, then almost certainly the marriage is suffering, there are arguments, lack of trust and threats of separation .......

If you are employed, you are probably in trouble at work, your sickness record is high, you’ve been warned about your attendance, time keeping, not producing, smelling of alcohol ......

You know deep inside that this is not you, that you are better than this, that you can beat this. But something is stopping you, something keeps holding you back, you know you can change but so far it has always been tomorrow, next week, never today.

Well here is your opportunity! You are right, you can change! This does not need to be the way you live. The tools and the support are here in this unique website. There are videos that show you what to do, tools that you won’t find anywhere else and others like you who are trying to make it better.

Millions change their drinking and themselves, you can too. All it needs is for you to make the decision to the question. Do you want life to be better?

Then sign up for this website now! You have nothing to lose but your shame and your guilt.