Do you want to help yourself, change your drinking, start a new life? This website can help. It provides new lives for old

Congratulations on taking the first step to a brand new life!

Taking that all important first step may be the hardest thing that you do in your life. It gets much easier after that. In fact this website was designed to just that, make life a great deal easier for you. For your new life can start right here without you leaving your home. From the comfort and privacy of your room, your computer opens up all the help and support you need to change your drinking and life.  Bottled Up for Drinkers has tools that have been proven to help you to free yourself from alcoholism (see what our members have said) and win back the love and respect of your family and, more importantly, yourself.

Why are you here? 
You probably arrived on this page because you are having trouble with your drinking and want to do something about it. You feel that your drinking is getting out of control, you find that you drink more than you intend, despite setting limits about how much you will drink. You may be finding that your wife/husband/partner, close friends, and/or boss accuse you of drinking too much. You feel guilty or worried about your drinking and things that you are doing while drinking. But you probably don’t want to go to your doctor (too embarrasing) and you probably don’t want to go to AA (not that bad). If you could only do something about it quietly, discretely, privately, without having to declare to the world “MY NAME IS ……. AND I’M AN ALCOHOLIC!!!!!”

Why here?
On this site you can have as much privacy as you want, it is very discrete AND nobody is going to ask you to declare yourself an ALCOHOLIC, or a problem drinker or any other label. If you want to label yourself, that is your business, nobody else’s.

There is also no waiting time. You can start right now while you are feeling motivated. There are no office hours, it is open all the time and anywhere you have a connection to the internet.

Yea all very well but does it work? This site was built using the best and most up to date research and the most effective treatments which have helped many thousands, probably even millions. It is a cutting edge program based on the best practice in the field (see the research page) delivered to you right into your own home, completely private and confidential. This program, which would cost thousands of dollars in a rehab, you can have free. See for yourself how much this can change your life. You have nothing to lose but your problems. Register today, and change your liife. This unique website can help you to take back control of your life.

Getting sober in private