Who Developed this Site?

The online programme this site offers was developed by Dr John McMahon.  He has a PhD in Psychology and is an expert in the field of Addiction Treatment and Behavioural Change.  He has also spent many years as a therapist and has pioneered the use of computer assisted treatments since the early 1990’s.  This site is the culmination of a life’s work dedicated to helping people recover from alcohol addiction.

Why Did he Create this Website?  In 1984 John was in a psychiatric ward and was given 6 months to live if he did not stop drinking or taking drugs.  He has been clean and sober since and wants to help others to live happy and sober lives.

Why Does it Work? Recent research shows that a majority of people (4 out of 5) recover from their addiction problems without the aid of medical treatment. People help themselves using the resources and support around them.  Bottled Up for Drinkers (formerly 24/7 Help Yourself) adds significantly to this support network and greatly increases your chances of making a full recovery.

What Does the Site Contain? The video below gives you a demonstration of the site so that you can see the layout and the tools that will be at your disposal.

John McMahon

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