Are You Looking For Help for Your Loved-Ones Drinking?

The fact that you are on this page, shows you have almost certainly discovered how little information and support is available for the families of problem drinkers.  In the UK less than 1% of the budget to address addictions is dedicated to families, so it is not surprising that there is not very much help around.

A couple of years ago I was talking to a senior manager of a national treatment agency.  At the time I was trying to persuade him to look at our online offering as a cost-effective way of supporting families.  His reaction left me gob-smacked.  He said, we don’t have a budget for that, besides there is no demand for that type of service.  I was ok with the first part, lack of budget,  after all there are always financial cutbacks, but to tell me that there was no demand!!!  What can I say??  Needless to say, our collaboration went no further.

Of course, there’s a demand!  It is suggested that, on average, each problem drinker affects three other people, a typical family.  In the UK that would mean around 2 million people and in the USA we are looking at 45 million.  No demand!!

The statistics show that among the families of drinkers there are high incidences of depression and anxiety, high levels medical services usage.  Among the children there are high levels of truancy, delinquency and substance use.

On the positive side, the statistics show that when the families of heavy drinkers are given help and support these negative consequences are reduced.  Both the partners and the children have reduced mental and physical health problems and the children are less likely to have behavioural or substance use problems.  Also, the drinkers are more likely to seek treatment as well as achieve and maintain abstinence.

Indeed, if we look at the research we find that every £1 spent on providing help and support to families saves £6 on health related costs.

Bottled Up Offers You Help and Support For You, Your Family and Your Drinker

This section of the website is aimed at providing help and support for you – the families of alcoholics.  In the public part of the website we provide you with information to help you decide if there is really a problem.  So there are pages such as 25 Signs that your partner has a drinking problem or Medical definition of alcoholism.

There is also practical advice here.  We were fortunate to have one of the foremost solicitor partnerships provide us with a page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about getting legal advice for partners of drinkers.  There is also a page about how you can help your alcoholic as well another saying why we reject the idea that you are powerless to affect your drinker.

There are also many useful articles in the growing Blog that will help.  The Blog is where you will find personal experiences of Lou and John and also their daughter Cassia who gives her own unique view of growing up in an alcoholic household.

However, it is in the member’s section of the website that you will find the majority of help.  We know the stresses of living with alcoholism.  We know that you feel that you no time for anything and the thought of starting something new, even if it will help, just seems overwhelming.  For that reason we have laid out a step by step plan for you to help yourself, your family and your drinker.  You will be taken by the hand and shown through audios and videos how you can make a real difference in your life and the life of your family.

You can also find a community to share your highs and lows with.  A community that knows exactly what you are going through.

But we know that you came here looking for a way to help your drinker and for that reason we give you the tools to do just that.  We give you a unique Intervention that you will not find anywhere else.  The Intervention will help you to talk to your drinker about the affect that the drinking is having on your lives and relationship.  Again there are step by step instructions.

When your drinker is ready to look the drinking you can give them free membership of the award winning Bottled Up for Drinkers.  BUD is a program of tools that has helped hundreds of drinkers to change their lives and your drinker can have free access for three months (usually £30).

Finally you can have live access to John and Lou in their Podcasts.  You can get answers to questions live or, if you can’t make the Podcast, send them in beforehand and get the answer in the recording.

Bottled Up has help for all the family.  Why not check out what is included in membership and join up today.