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Treatment Programme Success

In the UK, Governmental agencies and the National Health Service (NHS) are starting to realise the potential of using technology to support people who want to reduce their alcohol consumption. 

They are taking the lead from research conducted in the United States, where several projects tested the effectiveness of online help and treatment and found: 

  • Web-based treatment is just as effective as face-to-face counselling.
  • 90% of participants reduced their alcohol consumption over the course of the programme
  • 90% of participants reported an increase in well-being whilst on the programme
  • 90% found the online program helpful
  • 80% said that they would recommend an online help and treatment programme to a friend
  • Overall, participants reported less problems in changing their behaviour around alcohol than placebo groups without support
  • Overall, participants generally functioned better, mentally and physically throughout the change process than a similar group without support
  • More men than women used the programme
  • More married women with children used the online programmes than single women. is a collection of the best practice in this field. This website will support and guide you as you seek to reduce your dependence on alcohol - anonymously and privately at a time and location where you feel comfortable.   If you would like to try the site for free, we can offer a 4 week free trial.

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