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About this site

Who Developed this Site?

The online programme this site offers was developed by Dr John McMahon.  He has a PhD in Psychology and is an expert in the field of Addiction Treatment and Behavioural Change.  He has also spent many years as a therapist and has pioneered the use of computer assisted treatments since the early 1990’s.  This site is the culmination of a life’s work dedicated to helping people recover from alcohol addiction. 

Why Does it Work? Recent research shows that a majority of people (4 out of 5) recover from their addiction problems without the aid of medical treatment. People help themselves using the resources and support around them.  The 24/7 Help Yourself Site adds significantly to this support network and greatly increases your chances of making a full recovery. 

What Does the Site Contain? The video below gives you a demonstration of the site so that you can see the layout and the tools that will be at your disposal. 




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