Am I an alcoholic?

A question that I get asked a lot is – “Do you think I’m an alcoholic?”.  My answer to that is – Do you?

If you have a crashing pain in your chest, do you need to wait and find out if it is a heart attack before you ask for medical help?

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Am I an alcoholic?

This video discusses ways of looking at whether you have an alcohol problem that needs attention.  It suggests that you don't need to wait for confirmed alcoholism or full blown alcohol dependence before you get help.

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A question that I get asked a lot is – “Do you think I’m an alcoholic?”.  My answer to that is – Do you?

Very often when people ask, am I an alcoholic, the answer is probably yes.  Because people don’t usually ask that question unless they have a real concern about their drinking.  If you’re not an alcoholic then why are you asking that question.  You’ve obviously got concerns about your drinking, why not just do something about it?  Do you only do something about your drinking, if you are an alcoholic?

It doesn’t make a great deal of sense.  If you are have heart problems do you need to wait until you’re in heart failure or having a heart attack until you do something about it?  Or would you go along and say I’m having heart problems maybe I should do something about it.  Maybe I should change my lifestyle, maybe I should start taking statins, maybe I should change my diet.

With alcoholism it seems to be either black or white.  And I think that part of the problem lies in the publicity that says that you are either an alcoholic or you’re not, which is really not very helpful.

There are many people out there who have alcohol problems. There are many people out there who cause problems for their family and/or their employers because of their drinking.  Now if we sat down with them and formally assessed them, they might not be dependent drinkers, which is what we call alcoholics these days, they might not meet that clinical criteria.  But does that mean to say that there isn’t a problem there?  I really don’t think so.

If you are concerned that you may have a problem, then take the assessment in the website.  But don’t expect it to say yes you are an alcoholic or no you’re not.  This is not like a pregnancy test.  No alcohol problems tend to be viewed on a spectrum in the same way that they have financial problems on a spectrum, social problems on a spectrum, medical problems on a spectrum.  It’s not either or.

If you are concerned check it out here.  You owe it to your family, you owe it to your friends, you owe it to yourself.  Check it out here.