Welcome to the Mentoring Community Home Page


The Mentoring Community is designed to encourage interaction and communication among members and between members and ourselves.

To facilitate sharing and support we have included a Forum.  Although you already have access to the Family Forum, the Mentorship Forum is private, exclusive to the members of the Mentorship Community (MC).  Only MC members will be able to read and post in this Forum.  Hopefully the higher level of privacy that comes from a smaller group will encourage you to be more comfortable about sharing.

To encourage sharing in real time we have included a Chat Room .  This is a video chat room.  So you can see and hear each other.  You do not need to download or install any software or apps.  The chat room will work in your browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.  The chat room is for communication in real time while the Forum lets you leave messages and follow threads of a conversation.  Both serve a useful purpose.

We will be doing a weekly webinar, a video presentation that sometimes will be done live and sometimes pre-recorded.  Don’t worry if you cannot make the live session, they will all be recorded and can be accessed on demand, ie whenever you want them.  So you can see them whether you missed the webinar or whether you just want to watch it again.  We will send you a link prior to the sessions and publish the on-demand link afterwards.

The Webinar is not just a video, it is more interactive.  There is a facility to make text comments and ask questions.  There may be an opportunity to speak also but we need to see how many people attend and want to speak as this can get very unwieldy.   If you have ever been on a busy Zoom session, you will know what we mean.

The other aspect of the Webinar that is different, is that we want you to set the agenda.  We have included a page asking for your questions.  That way, what we discuss should be relevant to what you actually need or want to discuss, rather than what we want to talk about.  The Questions form is at this link.

Also to encourage you to talk to someone and get support, we have provided a 50% off voucher for a 1 to 1 session with John.

Please use all the facilities that are available.  We hope to see you in all of them.