You probably found this page because you were trying to find  a definitive answer to whether your partner has a drinking problem.  You have discussed it, or more likely you have voiced your fears only to be told in no uncertain terms that he/she does NOT have a problem.  So you would like a bit more information before raising the subject again.

Here are 25 signs that usually suggest that there is a drinking problem.  It is important to note that the drinker does not need to be showing all 25 signs, just a couple would suggest a problem.  And, obviously the more of these signs your drinker shows, the more likely they are to have a problem and the more serious it is likely to be.  So in no particular order, she/he probably has an alcohol problem if s/he:-

  1. Smells of alcohol, all or much of the time
  2. Hides drink bottles
  3. Sneaks drinks
  4. Lies about how much s/he drinks
    Drinking problems come in many forms
  5. Is drinking more than s/he used to
  6. Is drinking more often
  7. Drinks earlier in the day
  8. Puts drinking before spending time with you
  9. Takes days off work more often
  10. Is hung over in the mornings more often
  11. Has mood swings if s/he is not drinking
  12. Loses interest in sex
  13. Behaves inappropriately at social gatherings
  14. Organises outings around drinking
  15. Tries to downplay the amount and impact of his/her drinking
  16. Sometimes uncharacteristically offers to go shopping
  17. Increases the frequency of meetings with friends in the bar
  18. Frequently comes back later than planned / even skips meals altogether
  19. Shows obvious signs of drinking, slurring speech and unsteady on her/his feet
  20. Forgets appointments
  21. Breaks promises and does not keep commitments
  22. Picks more fights or is more aggressive than before
  23. Is more defensive when alcohol is mentioned
  24. Falls asleep in inappropriate and sometimes dangerous circumstances
  25. Gets drunk a lot

You may be thinking, well nothing new there and you would be absolutely right.  It does not take an eminent psychiatrist to tell if someone has a drink problem.  The signs of a drinking problem/ alcoholism are almost always obvious.  What is more difficult is admitting, even to yourself, that your loved one has a problem with alcohol.

If you want a medical definition of alcoholism you can get it at this link.  Or join Bottled Up to start the change process now.