Ambition – Prompts

How is her/his drinking affecting your Ambition?

We all have dreams, ambitions and aspirations about our future as individuals and, if appropriate, as a family.  These dreams and aspirations can be affected and even shattered by alcohol.  The shared dreams of marriage especially are casualties of drinking and perhaps also the dreams for the children.

In this section you should write down anything that you feel alcohol, or his/her drinking has robbed you of or denied you

Your ambitions may involve money, possessions, bigger house, clothes, car, holidays.

As we know drinking can seriously affect earning power.

Jobs can be lost through poor performance, absenteeism or disruptive behaviour.

Promotions or career advancements can be closed to a drinker who can become more resentful as she sees ‘inferior’ colleagues get promoted over her.

Even if you have a regular income, it can be frittered away on alcohol.  It can take a considerable amount of money to sustain a heavy drinking career and that cost competes with any other routes or ambitions you may have.

It also takes time and energy to sustain heavy drinking, so the dream of starting a business, participating in a project, studying a course, emigrating to a new life can all be lost.  Sometimes they are lost dramatically sometimes they just wither and die over time.  Either way can be painful and bitter.

It is not only the drinkers dreams or shared dreams that suffer, your own personal dreams of hobbies, career, business, education and social status may suffer in the drinking.