Up till now the program has focussed mainly on you, your behaviour and your feelings.  The reason for this is that we have been concentrating on building new, healthier behaviours to build your feelings of empowerment.

Now we move to the second part of the program where the focus is on your partner’s drinking and how it affects you and the family.

This first Principle is different from the others.  There is no table to fill in this time.  Instead the workbook is an introduction to this part of the program and how it will be helpful to you.

However we ask that you read the workbook as usual and familiarise yourself with the contents. 


Audio for this session.

Prog Month 4.1

The workbook outlining HOPE, the process that underlies the Bottled Up program 

Workbook for HOPE


Here is a link to a discussion of Co-dependency, a condition that many people working in the field discuss as a disease of those living with an alcoholic.  We take a different view.

Link to co-dependency article

It is also worth listening to the audio on Detachment again, it may help you as you work through this part of the program.