Welcome to Bottled Up for Families

In this section of the website you will find many resources to help you change your situation.

There is a Program that is designed to empower you and to set you free from living under the shadow of drinking.

There are tools to help you to have a meaningful and productive discussion about drinking with your drinker.  These tools will help you look at drinking in a different and more focussed way (SHARE) and with a different more effective attitude (LOVE).

There is an Intervention which is designed to help you and your drinker highlight areas of disagreement and, maybe even more important, areas where you actually agree.

You can also find a growing collection of resources , articles, audios and videos.  All of these resources, as well as all of the tools are exclusive to Bottled Up and were created by the authors – Lou and John.

There is also help and support for your drinker with free membership of Bottled Up for Drinkers (BUD) for 12 months.  BUD is full of information and tools to help the drinker to assess their drinking and take the appropriate action.

Also there is a Forum, where you can share with other members of the website.  This is a private forum which is only accessible by members of Bottled Up for Families.  Members of Bottled Up for Drinkers have no access to this part of the website.

If you feel you would like a bit more personal, guided support there is a Mentorship Community that you can join.  You can find out more about the Mentorship Community by clicking on the link.  You can join this community by clicking on My Account in the menu and following instructions.

Finally, if you would like to talk to someone face to face and get a bit of advice or information, you can book a 1 to 1 session with John.

We know it is tempting to jump straight to the tools to change the drinker.  We strongly urge you not to do that but instead to look at the beginnings of the program.  For it is all about helping you to cope with a difficult situation and to prepare and empower you for when the time is right to approach your drinker.  It is always better to have the discussions when you are in a stronger position than when you are feeling weak and/or desperate.

Again welcome to Bottled Up for Families.  You can start the program by clicking on the button below.

Please Read This.  It is Important

In Bottled Up we are trying to create a caring and sharing community.  This means that you will receive emails telling you about new posts, articles and videos that have been posted in the website or blog.  You may think that some of these are not relevant to you or your situation.   Please bear with us, as one of the ways of understanding our behaviour and its impact on the world around us is to see it from the point of view of others.  This is especially true in problem drinking.  In Bottled Up we try to inform drinkers and their families about how the other party view the situation.  A great many people have reported that they have found this to be one of the most helpful, and unique, features of Bottled Up.  For that reason we will continue this policy..

If you are really not interested in receiving any further emails informing you of our latest posts or any other news or information, you can unsubscribe from the emails.  Just login to the membership area and click on your profile.  From there you can control your email settings.